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A Storage Place

1719 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

A Storage Place - Indio
"5 stars"
~Mario Martinez
A Storage Place - Fortuna Road
"5 stars"
~russell wies
A Storage Place - Del Sol
"Good place "
3 Days Ago
A Storage Place Englewood
"In addition to being new, well-maintained, and conveniently-located, this place has the most helpful and professional staff. If you need anything, they're happy to help. Prices are very competitive and they have specials."
~Really Other
5 Days Ago
A Storage Place Fort Collins
"I have been using A Storage Place for years and was not surprised by the volume and quality of their reviews. Every time I go in there, Chris, Jeremy and Daryl always are like seeing a family. They are sincere and caring, and they love to see my dog, and my dog enjoys them, also! So, feel free to bring your dog in, and I am sure he/she will get a treat and some loving! I will miss the family atmosphere whenever I have to go. They are very helpful, also."
~Kelly VH
6 Days Ago
A Storage Place Colorado Springs
"Customer service was top notch. Great experience."
~Crys Cunningham
1 Week Ago
A Storage Place Yucaipa
"Daryl was great and clear spoken phone is awesome!"
~Gloria Moore
1 Week Ago
Pacific Highway Storage
"Very friendly, personable and helpful staff, who made the unpleasant task of moving more tolerable. I would recommend this clean, well-maintained storage facility to anyone needing extra space."
~Terry Stanford
1 Week Ago
El Monte Storage
"Nice and clean. Worker's are very nice there."
~Rose Hagans
1 Week Ago
A Storage Place - Del Sol
"I was up against the wall with re-organizing and needed storage space. I looked online for "local and accessible storage." The web page came up 4th on the search but who goes 1st on the net anyway? I read the details and made reservations to hold my space the night before. The rate and centralized location was a godsend. The next day Crystal and Carlos ano the front office honored my reservation. Crystal ran me thru the lease contract, accepted my cash and gave me keys to the storage space and offered the nickle and dime tour of the new facility. This place is perfect with a bathroom, dollies and flat bed wagons. The facility includes elevators to the 2nd floor to aid and ease your logistical needs. My favorite and best part is the access from 5:00 am to late evening 8:00 pm @ super reasonable rates. A Storage Place is customer oriented super friendly and nailed it."
~Oscar Gonzalez